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privacy policy
  privacy policy

Senjo Seiki Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") company laws and regulations when handling
personal information since the Company recognizes the importance of your privacy.

The company will perform proper management and acquisition of personal information in all business

Personal Information held by the company will implement continuous safety measures.

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations of Personal Information

During various sign-up in this website, the Company have to register your personal information in requires
to each services and will make clear purposes for obtaining personal information.

The Company will not use other contents of personal information aside for the main purpose of customers

In addition, the Company will comply with the regulations, norms and guidelines concerning personal
information protection laws and regulations and the administrative institutions on the protection of personal

Protection of Personal Information

Personal Information held by the Company is subjected to thorough security measures.

The Company will establish internal provisions and all employees will comply.

The Company will strive to the appropriate management of personal information.

Strenghening Security Measures for Protection of Personal Information

The Company will eliminate the possibility of accumulation use of Personal Information in dispersed form.

The Company will strive to improve the system maintenance for the collection of appropriate personal

The Company will take a strict stance on unauthorized access to personal information as well as loss,
destruction, tampering and leakage of personal information.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Even if the Company received approval from the customers; the Company will not provide any Personal
Information obtained to other Third Party, unless the Company receives a request with a legal obligation
from the judicial or administrative authority.
In additition, we urge the sake of all possible measures to protect personal information even against the
consigned businesses.

Confirmation, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

In case the Customer requested the Company for confirmation, correction and deletion of personal
information, the Company will respond to such request appropriately, after it has been verified that the
requesting individual is the information subject.

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