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product information
large gearchamfering machine 
brush deburring machine 
floating chamfering machine 
  product information
  Machine Features  
 Chamfering and Deburring Features

 ◆Programming and Positioning are not required.
  The unique design of SENJO SEIKI machines incorporates a patented, stylus tracing
  unit that eliminates the need for any component placement or computer programming
  which are needed in CNC machineries.

 ◆Chamfering Accuracy
  The stylus traces the inner or outer periphery of a machined component, guiding the cutter
  axis to create a uniform and symmetrical chamfer that requires no further finishing and is
  highly consistent from part to part.

 ◆Eliminate Large Burrs
  Even the large burrs can be eliminated from its base in one step only.

 ◆User-Friendly Operation
  Machined component positioning is not required. Chamfering size and process rotation
  speed can be adjusted easily by simple operation of the control wheel and knob.


 ◆Chamfering and Deburring by Cutter
   Use : Chamfering and Elimination of Large Burrs.

 ◆Deburring by Nylon Brush / Wire Brush
   Use : Process Sintered Parts, Burrs and Edges.

 ※We can offer different applications for equipment depending upon the type of parts being
   (Automatic / Manual Operation, Dry / Wet Type Machine)


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deburring machine automation deburring machine
chamfering machine chamfering machine
large gear chamfering machine chamfering machine
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